NOTE: Please be advised that this is my personal experience and I do not have any intention to bypass any medical recommendations of your doctors. This is an alternative medication you may want to try as what I did last year and has helped my kids recover from dengue fever and possible blood transfusion of one of my sons whose plasma was already leaking into his lungs. I truly believed that the papaya leaf extract is the one that helped my son recover from the dengue infection while his doctors were helpless waiting for my son’s immune system to kick-back or a possible blood transfusion was their only option. But, thanks God, for the papaya leaves and to one of our relatives who suggested this alternative medication. Here’s what I did!


* 2-3 Mature and dark green leaves of a papaya plant.

* Clean water for washing the papaya leaves.

* Steam or wash with hot water a white clean cloth for extraction (pampiga)

* 1 spoon (kutsara)

* 1 teaspoon

* 2 wide clean plates


1.Thoroughly wash and clean at least 2 huge, mature papaya leaves. Choose the ones that are dark green in color.

2.Slowly rip and tear the soft green part of the leaf ONLY! Do not include the stalk or hardened veins of the papaya leaf as it has white resin (dagta) from it that may be itchy. Gather only the soft green part of the leaf. It may take a while to do this but ,make sure you have enough to squeeze out at least a teaspoon of the papaya leaf’s liquid.

3.Place the ripped, soft part of the leaf in the plate and using the spoon, chop and press the greens until fine and soft enough for you to squeeze out pure papaya leaf extract from it.

4. Transfer the finely pressed and chopped leaves to the clean cloth and thoroughly squeeze-out the liquid. Catch the Green (chlorophyll like) liquid to another clean plate.

5. Measure 1 teaspoon of the papaya leaf extract and should be taken by the dengue infected patient every 12 hours! (Morning and Evening). Increase of blood platelets count should be visible within 24-48 hours.




Papaya leaf extract in healing Dengue fever and complications!

Mosquito bites was something that I never get worried about ever since I was a kid. I’ve been exposed to places  where mosquitoes proliferate such as the slum area of  Baguio’s public market, the old grass land near our house where tall and wild sunflower plants became bushes as well as a nearby brook just few meters away from our house.  When I was a kid, me and my playmates bathe by our own sweat ,even experience swarmed by mosquitoes that stayed flying just right above our heads yet we all grew up with no issues whatsoever about mosquito bites. I’ve been bitten many times but never did I experience any illness known to be brought by such insect bite, until recently as the famous infectious tropical disease  known as DENGUE or the “breakbone fever”  become an epidemic in the tropics.

Me and my 3 sons got the disease by an unknown mosquito bite. The symptoms of headache, stomach-ache, joint and muscle pains had totally immobilized each one of us.  Me and my son, Akira was able to recover from the symptoms in 3 days time without after effects. But 2 of my sons needed medical attention and was given intravenous rehydration at the hospital. For 3 days, my youngest son had high fever where paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn’t help  in lowering his temperature but I’m glad he never had issues with his blood-tests and through intravenous rehydration (dextrose) he was able to recover without any  severe complications. My 1st son Hover, on the other hand, had the worst case where he experienced excruciating pains from his right abdomen and muscles on his feet. His previous dengue exposure and  blood test results got him to a critical stage called, Dengue hemorrhagic fever. Hover’s platelets was 10,000 counts lower than the minimum range and was dropping rapidly. In less than 24 hours, his platelets went down to 58,000 where the minimum range should have been 150,000. I was in total disbelief when the Dr. tells me that we can only wait until Hover’s immune system recovers by itself and the only help they can provide is through the intravenous rehydration. There isn’t any medicine to help his platelets increase; it only lies to my son’s body chemistry. The doctor disclosed the possibility of blood transfusion in worst case when his platelets drops to 20,000. Hover was in critical phase where his gall bladder is swollen, his liver had fluids in it and plasma fluids filled his right lung as well. It was never easy to see my son bear the excruciating pains  brought about these internal plasma leakage. Pain killers is never an option. Paracetamol and dextrose was the only medication they can give yet, to no avail.

At 58,000 counts of Hover’s blood platelets and learning that there isn’t anything the Doctors can do to help him get his platelets increase, I decided to look for alternative medicines.

Luckily, a relative suggested papaya leaf extracts that by experience has helped her daughter gain platelets count and was never confined to the hospital.

Then, I remembered herbalife’s nutritional shake mix which I know can sustain my son’s lack of nutrients as he hasn’t been eating since he had the disease. Without hesitation, I opted for these two alternative nutritional supports. Unbelievably, with just a teaspoon of the papaya leaf extract that I made, and a glass of herbalife’s nutritional shake mix, my son’s platelets recovered fast and was gaining appetite. A rapid increase of 30,000 counts added from the lowest 58,000 after 6 hours. With such good result, I gave him another teaspoon of fresh papaya extract the next morning  as it is advised by our relative that a teaspoon has to be taken once in every 12 hrs. The next blood test showed his platelets shoot up to 95,000 at the same time was gaining pinkish color on his skin. Within the course of 24 hrs, Hover’s platelets reached the normal point at 266,000 counts. 5 days after he had the initial signs of dengue, Hover showed positive recovery with the decrease of pains in his abdomen and was gradually able to walk straight… As his platelet counts stabilizes, the Doctor has to help him drain all the fluids injected in him and was given diuretics. Hover unbelievably recovered fast and got his platelets in normal counts of 360,000 on the 6th day. The Dr. finally decides to discharge him from the hospital but has to take antibiotic at home for his lung so as not to catch pneumonia as well.

I couldn’t believe how Doctors ignore the option for alternative medications. I was right in front of them when I was squeezing the papaya leaf and mixing the herbalife nutritional shake mix. They saw me when I gave my son that papaya leaves juice but they never commented. So, I didn’t bother explaining what I was doing. Still, without the Doctors recommendation, I was glad that papaya leaf extract and herbalife’s nutritional shake mix, saved my Hover from going through blood transfusions or the worst case may be.

Thanks God, for the natural resources of alternative medicines!


For the longest time ever, I’ve been wondering if I am maximizing my internet usage at home.  P1700 per month isn’t a joke at all! Such amount I pay for a bundled service of internet and cable TV bothers me when I think about it as an equivalent amount of a sack of rice that’s enough to feed a family in a month. On the other hand, I feel guilty when I think about getting rid of it because I honestly feel like loosing an arm without it. It’s where I inquire  and research almost everything especially about alternative medicines,  recipes, clothing designs, find friends and relatives and most importantly, it’s where I get help in grammar check and terminology slips as I am not a native English speaker.

The fact that internet is fast becoming a worldwide household necessity, surfing is becoming my kids way of life, too! It’s where they research for their homework and school projects. My kids are becoming sharper when it comes to computer stuff and working their way of creating wonderful online projects. My eldest son, also created his own blogsite which unexpectedly highlighted their school in the regional online journalism for the elementary. It has put more responsibility on him but he seemed to enjoy the challenge. Proud mom as I am, I just can’t imagine how my kid would also feel like loosing a virtual arm.

And just like what I love doing, my kids too are keeping themselves in the loop with their friends, cousins and other family members as the internet has been their best tool to always get in touch with everyone in the family especially to their dad at anytime of the day. One of my kid would ring their dad or leave a message for him saying that he’s about to go to school, talk about their breakfast or just chat about online games. The best part of it is when all of them would play role playing games with their dad including their uncles as virtual friends online. I admit, these has helped me hone my kids in drawing them closer to their dad despite of the distance. So, I guess,  spending that much  for my internet is just worth it.

Just started

Learning my way on web designing is quite tedious when there’s no one to ask help from but I’m glad internet is just a click away for resources. It may be time consuming but it’s worth the time spent sitting in front of the monitor. I’ve been thinking a lot of topics to talk about in this blog but as I came up and created this site, everything that’s in my head suddenly went blank! I thought of learning how to make a survey or probably create a new discussion board but then again, there’s just too much of stuff going on around my head today.  Plus, the clock is ticking telling me that by 10:30AM, I should be off for my Christian obligation. So, let me just organize my thoughts and be back with something to share about…

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