For the longest time ever, I’ve been wondering if I am maximizing my internet usage at home.  P1700 per month isn’t a joke at all! Such amount I pay for a bundled service of internet and cable TV bothers me when I think about it as an equivalent amount of a sack of rice that’s enough to feed a family in a month. On the other hand, I feel guilty when I think about getting rid of it because I honestly feel like loosing an arm without it. It’s where I inquire  and research almost everything especially about alternative medicines,  recipes, clothing designs, find friends and relatives and most importantly, it’s where I get help in grammar check and terminology slips as I am not a native English speaker.

The fact that internet is fast becoming a worldwide household necessity, surfing is becoming my kids way of life, too! It’s where they research for their homework and school projects. My kids are becoming sharper when it comes to computer stuff and working their way of creating wonderful online projects. My eldest son, also created his own blogsite which unexpectedly highlighted their school in the regional online journalism for the elementary. It has put more responsibility on him but he seemed to enjoy the challenge. Proud mom as I am, I just can’t imagine how my kid would also feel like loosing a virtual arm.

And just like what I love doing, my kids too are keeping themselves in the loop with their friends, cousins and other family members as the internet has been their best tool to always get in touch with everyone in the family especially to their dad at anytime of the day. One of my kid would ring their dad or leave a message for him saying that he’s about to go to school, talk about their breakfast or just chat about online games. The best part of it is when all of them would play role playing games with their dad including their uncles as virtual friends online. I admit, these has helped me hone my kids in drawing them closer to their dad despite of the distance. So, I guess,  spending that much  for my internet is just worth it.


Just started

Learning my way on web designing is quite tedious when there’s no one to ask help from but I’m glad internet is just a click away for resources. It may be time consuming but it’s worth the time spent sitting in front of the monitor. I’ve been thinking a lot of topics to talk about in this blog but as I came up and created this site, everything that’s in my head suddenly went blank! I thought of learning how to make a survey or probably create a new discussion board but then again, there’s just too much of stuff going on around my head today.  Plus, the clock is ticking telling me that by 10:30AM, I should be off for my Christian obligation. So, let me just organize my thoughts and be back with something to share about…

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